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Pro-Arte’ Composite strings offer the traditional elegance of our Pro-Arte’ line, with the added benefit of an elevated bass response. The exclusive composite core bass strings in the set produce a bold, projecting low-end, providing a more influential tone than nylon basses. Paired with the mellow warmth of our clear nylon trebles, Pro-Arte’ Composite strings offer a sound which is both alluring and commanding. This Flamenco Tension set delivers a flexible feel while still maintaining the quick response that is essential for flamenco players.

Pro-Arté Composites are constructed using an exclusive multifilament stranded core material which dramatically improves the life and tuning consistency of the wound strings. Like all Pro Arte strings, the trebles are sorted by a sophisticated computer-controlled laser machine which performs hundreds of diameter and tension measurements on every string, ensuring precise intonation.

D'addario Flamenco Tension, Pro-Arté Composite Classical Guitar Strings

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